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Gatwick, Crawley area, West Sussex & Surrey

Sensual, classy, mature experienced Escort

                                 **Incalls & Outcalls**

 Sensual Caroline

07985 465244

March 2019

I am available most days & evenings but its best to call/text or email to check...


Monday - Friday: 10am - midnight (please check if you want earlier than 10am)

Weekends: morning/afternoon but occassionaly some evenings.


If you wish my partner to join us (which he & I love!!) please ask.

He can join us if you are single guy or a couple.

Please bear in mind that his availability is more limited.  


My partner is busy with work and will always be out when you visit me.



Please email, use the enquiry form,  text or call me. If you text/call me I will want the same information from you that the form requests.  As I am a busy woman I may not be able to always respond as quickly as I would like.  Nevertheless I promise that I will respond as soon as I can -

I make it my aim to reply to every email or text.


If you would like to discuss anything specific please call me - butbthis is NOT a license to talk dirty.  

I will block callers who are not genuine or serious about making a booking.


If an Incall booking is made, I will give you my postcode.

I will only give you my full address when you arrive at my postcode


If an Outcall booking is made to a hotel, I will need your room number, and the name

under which the room is booked, so that I can call the room to confirm that it is you.


If an Outcall  to your home, I will need to know the full address up front, & some details about your home, (to ensure that  it is clean, safe etc.)  AND YOUR LANDLINE NUMBER so I can call you on it.


On both Incalls & Outcalls, someone else will always know exactly where I am & that you are with me.